lunes, 25 de enero de 2016

Estancia Clínica en Cirugía Regenerativa, Manejo de Tejidos Blandos y Prótesis Estética. Clinical Stay on Regenerative Surgery, Soft Tissue Management and Esthetic Prosthesis. Meda Dental Formacion, Ponferrada, enero 2016

Glad to receive in our center the first russian colleague to attend one of our clinical stay. Thanks to Lev Levchenko,  coming such a long way to spend five intense days, with a  great attitude, it has been a pleasure to finally meet you. And thanks also  to Javier Mayor Arenal, who came for second time, and to the new friend Ignacio Martínez Núñez, we'll keep in touch!!!

Surgery with the help of Lev Levchenko (Sochi - Russia)

Dres.Javier Mayor Arenal, Ramón Gómez Meda, Lev Levchenko and Ignacio Martínez Núñez 

I had an excellent experience with one of the best surgeons and good person Ramon Gómez Meda. All support was at level. I got answers and solutions to all my questions. With pleasure. Gracias!
Dr. Lev Levchenko. (Sochi - Rusia)

Ha sido nuevamente una experiencia fantástica, de la que he aprendido mucho. Sobre todo me quedo con la búsqueda de la excelencia, el afán por descubrir las cosas siempre haciéndolas y la exigencia en todo lo que hace. Muchas gracias por todo.

It has been an amazing experience, again, I have learned a lot. Especially the pursuit of excellence, the eagerness to discover new facts always putting them into practice and the high requirement in everything he does. Thank you very much for everything.
Dr. Javier Mayor Arenal (Madrid)

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